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World class graphics & design ~ 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Pricing assumes acceptance of our terms and conditions of sale. Background graphics, bullets, rules and one revision are free. Volume discounts may be applied upon review. Optionally, you can e-mail your budget and requirements to be met.



We highly recommend that you first obtain a dial-up account of your own and conduct online research of your competition - if you haven't already done so.

Dial-up Access:

$19.95 X


Existing web pages that need to be modified:

 $25 X

New web pages to be created:

$100 X

Interactive /CGI/form based web pages to be created/modified:

$150 X

Graphics you'll e-mail in UNCOMPRESSED pict or jpeg format:

$25 X

Custom graphics created/modified:

$75 X

Custom animated graphics:

 $150 X

Basic (may be seen elsewhere) style counters:

$50 X

Custom style counters:

$150 X


Noncommercial Web Site

  • $60/year (billed yearly)
  • Storage: Up to 5MB, $1.20/MB/year after 5
  • Traffic: No limitations
  • Includes ftp account

Total MB:

Commercial Web Site

  • $30/month (billed quarterly)
  • Space: Up to 10MB, $0.50/MB/month after 10
  • Traffic: up to 100,000 hits/month - $0.50/1000 hits/month after 100k
  • Includes ftp account

Total MB:

Secure Shopping Mall Web Site (includes hosting)

Using our shopping engine, you can host a full-featured online ordering system for your products, complete with invoicing and security options. Our shopping mall system is one of the most advanced on the Internet, with a fully-searchable product database and customizable via html code. Orders can be e-mailed, pgp encrypted, or left on the server for you to pick up in secure mode at your leisure. Find out how it works here.

  • $70/month, $250 setup fee (or higher based on scope of site/inventory)
  • Space: Up to 20MB, $0.50/MB/month after 20
  • Setup: Shopping database of up to 50 products, slightly higher setup fee for larger amounts of products, database conversion, or other special functions.
  • Traffic: Up to 100,000 hits/month; .50/1000 hits after 100k/month
  • Includes ftp account, SSL/SHTTP access, auto-responder .

Total MB:


300+ Search Engine Registration & Marketing Fix

$99 X


My representative's name is:



I'm sold. Please have a salesperson contact me.
Print a copy of your quote by e-mail.


We have sites that charge by the hit and others that charge a flat weekly/monthly fee. 100+ Registration $39.95Give us a budget and watch us work miracles. Advertising on the internet is a tricky proposition at best. We use an effective combination of traditional and internet targeted advertising to maximize your site's effectiveness.


A warning to small businesses: Save your money. Before entering into an advertising strategy that will cost you $1,000+, realize that you will need additional money to fulfill the increased demand for your product or service. We've seen successful advertising campaigns throw small to medium sized businesses into bankruptcy just trying to keep up with the increase in orders.

The moral of this story is: Be prepared to spend money to take your company to that next level. After all, we're talking about approximately 80 million people online by the end of 1996. Will you be the next internet success story?

Please e-mail to discuss the possibilities or try our...

Search Engine Registrar for free!


These little wonders are tested on both Macintosh and PC platforms and allow your customers to browse your offerings more rapidly than directly off of the internet. Downloadable catalogs are a good solution for companies trying to sell either a large selection of items or items which involve quite a bit of information or persuasion to sell, such as hospital equipment or...

Additional forms of delivery of this medium include diskette (if small enough) and/or CD ROM. Please
e-mail with details.


Standalone kiosks for customers to browse at the proprietors establishment start at $5,000 and include a custom cabinet to match your decor. Simple on/off operation with touch screen control of your site either with or without a live connection to the internet. E-Mail today for more information.

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